Real Estate


Aerial Videography

Team Blackhawk uses high-resolution cameras carried by multi-roter UAVs.  All content shot in HD or 4K. Flown by our experienced camera/flight team, we can fulfill all your filming requirements.  Anything a helicopter can do, we can do better and at far less cost.

Post Production

Team Blackhawk's post production team can provide broadcast quality film and photo editing.  They can also create, compose, and edit original music and folly for you film or photo mantage. 

Aerial Photography

High quality aerial stills of houses, farms, concerts, family gatherings, news events, and more.

Why Choose Team Blackhawk

For Real Estate sales, aeral pictures and video of properties will increase sales

Anything a helicopter can do we can do at far less cost

Team Blackhawk will travel anywhere on the planet as part of your film crew to create stunning aerial video for your movie, TV production, or documentary